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#1 2009-11-25 16:31:31

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Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn 11/25/09

Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn.
Welcoming Helena.   Dear Friend.  I am ready when you are.

Helena:  Good morning.  Thank you for being on time for your
conversations.  I do have some information for you and your
friends.  You will soon be funded, so I am being informed.  Then
you will be able to get back into full operation in your
laboratory.  That will be good.  We still plan on having two of
our volunteer crew members come and work with you in the more
rapid development of the technology that you have been struggling
to commercialize.  As you have been told we tap into space energy
for all of our energy needs.  This is destined to become the
major energy source for your country and your continent, and for
the world.  There must be a reduction in the vast outpouring of
atmospheric pollution coming from the burning of fossil fuels in
millions of automobiles and trucks.

For a new topic:  Much of our efforts in contacting some of your
friends who can harken to telepathic communication is being
fairly widely known and shared.  Just as your friends share these
messages that you share with them, so too, are there other folks
who ar receiving messages from some of the aliens that are
assigned to Mother Earth and are sharing those messages with
their friends.  Therefore, it is not only in America that there
will be the recognition of space friends who have come to help
clean up Mother Earth's atmosphere.  There are several starships
involved.  It is very important to the Galactic Federation that
this planet be made ready for the great tasks and opportunities
for growth and blossoming.  That is my message for you this
morning.  Do your have any questions for me?

Lavar:  Thank you dear Helena.  I am blessed to be able to have
these conversations with you.  No questions today.



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