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#1 2009-10-29 17:45:26

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Communication with the Council Of Scientists, 10/28/09

Welcoming the Council of Scientists. 

COS:  Good morning Hal.  We are pleased to greet you this
morning.  There are great changes that are soon to come to your
nation.  We are not fully aware of what these changes will be.
One of the anticipated changes is with your currency.  The
Federal Reserve Bank Notes will soon be exchanged for the new
precious-metals-backed currency.  Then the dollar will be in
much greater demand that is the current dollar.

There is much good that can come from the change in currency.
There are those who have been printing their own version of the
dollar and have spread these look-alike bank notes abroad.
However, there will be careful evaluation of any currency that is
to be exchanged for the new dollar and the false funds will be
detected and will not be exchanged.  It may be that those having
this false currency will become an act that may take the owner to
prison.  However, it would be a surprise if that really
happened.  That is our message this morning.  Do you have any
questions for us?

Hal:  Thank you dear COS friends.  I am being told that my
company should receive the long-delayed funds this week.  Does
that information gibe with the information you have for the
resumption of information from the aliens?

COS:  We believe that there will be a very peaceful showing of
some of the shuttles from the great starship "Capricorn" very
soon now.  Hopefully, this event will occur this week.

Hal:  I hope so.  I shall call on you tomorrow.



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