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#1 2009-09-15 16:24:16

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Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn 09/15/09

Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn.
Welcoming Helena. I am ready when you are.

Helena:  Good morning.  Thank you for being on time.  There is a
great change coming to your country, so I am being informed.
There will be the issuance of the new currency very soon now.
You have already enjoyed some of the changes that will restore
much of the constitutional government to your nation.  Most
important of all, will be the removal of the orders to your Air
Force to try to shoot down our shuttles.  Hopefully, that will
soon come to pass.  Then we will be able to come-and-go in your
atmosphere with our shuttles and accomplish the work that we are
assigned to do.  As you know, our major effort is to help reduce
the contamination of Mother Earth's atmosphere that has been
produced by the outpouring of exhausts from millions of cars and
trucks.  Hopefully, we will soon be able to come-and-go at our

You are to be commended for your efforts to tap into the vast
energy of space and provide electrical energy without pollution.
There will need to be a great increase in the use of space energy
instead of the burning of fossil fuels.  As you know the store of
fossil fuels is becoming depleted.  There will not be many years
left before most of those fossil fuels are used up.  However, it
is very important that there be a reduction in the use of fossil
fuels or there will be more and more animal life forms that will
have problems breathing.

There will soon be changes made in your government that will lead
to the increased government approval of the change to space
energy rather than using fossil fuels.  The use of electrical
automobiles and trucks will soon become a major effort of the
automotive manufacturers.  That will greatly help in making the
transition from the burning of gasoline and fuel oils.  That is
my message for you this morning.  Do your have any comments or

Lavar:  Thank you dear Helena.  I am blessed to be able to
receive your messages.  Is there anything that you suggest that I
can do to hasten the use of space energy?

Helena:  Just keep up your efforts to get your laboratory back in
full operation.  There are two of our crew who have been selected
to come and work with you.  They are anxious to come and help,
however, you have to have your laboratory in operation before
they can help.

Lavar:  Thank you dear Helena.  I am blessed to converse with
you.  I shall call on you tomorrow.



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