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#1 2009-05-20 16:28:42

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Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn 05/20/09

Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn.
Welcoming Helena.  My apologies, I am a few minutes late.

Helena:  Good morning.  Yes, you are late.  You have a problem in
meeting with me at the agreed upon time.  However, I am still
available and have a message for you.

You are soon to be funded.  Perhaps the funds that you have been
long expecting are already in your bank.  You will have
sufficient funds to be able to buy your laboratory building and
to hire and train and use your laboratory staff to complete the
development and commercialization of your new-energy technology.
Of course, you know that we will have two of our crew to come and
help you in your laboratory.  As soon as your Air Force is told
that they no longer need to try to shoot down our shuttles, we
will be able to have two of our crew come and work with you.

Lavar:  You may need to bring the two crew members by coming
"cloaked" as you have previously stated.

Helena:  Yes.  We can come cloaked.  However, we hope that will
not be necessary.  We can do a lot of good for your country with
our shuttles being able to come-and-go freely in your atmosphere.
That will be good news for us as we have been kept from coming-
and-going freely due to your Air Force orders to try to shoot
down any "UFOs". 

Lavar:  Do you desire that I try to do something to release those
orders to our Air Force?

Helena:  YOU will not need to worry.  We have another person near
your Washington, D.C. area that can help get proper messages to
your leaders.  Your government is aware of our presence in your
skies.  They have had a policy of not telling the citizens of the
United States that there are people from other worlds that come-
and-go, on occasion, in visiting your earth.  Our starships and
shuttles are known and accepted in several other countries.  Your
country will soon, we believe, allow our presence to be known.
It is hard to keep this information from being known. 

Lavar:  Please let me know if you desire for us to do anything to
help the information about your presence being known by our

Helena:  Not to worry. Some dramatic changes are soon to happen.
Your government will allow our presence to be known, hopefully
very soon now.



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