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#1 2009-12-01 16:55:49

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Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn 12/01/09

Welcoming Helena.

Helena:  Good morning.  You are a bit late, again.  Please try to
communicate with me at the time established.

However, I do have a message for you and your friends.  Your
government is currently in the midst of some dramatic changes.
There will soon be the release of the new currency that is backed
by precious metals, at least to some extent.  This currency will
be exchanged for the Federal Reserve Bank Notes.  However, there
are some who have large amounts of the Federal Reserve Bank Notes
who will not be able to exchange their funds because of the
illegal means by which they received these funds.

There is much good that can be done by the proper use of the new
currency.  There will be better applications of the taxes that
will be placed on some of those funds as they are being received.
This is for those who have not, as yet, paid their proper taxes
on the funds that they have not officially received. 

There is much good that can be accomplished when good people work
together to promote better government.  There is a strong need
now, in your U.S. government for some dramatic changes to be
made.  The changes are in place and will be made as rapidly as
those in control of your government can get rid of the old boys
and strengthen their forces, as is expected to be accomplished.
That is my message for you this morning.   It is probably strange
to you that I am so involved in your economic affairs.  However,
it is important to us that your government be changed so that
there can be the information of our reality made known to your
citizens of North America.  That is my message for you this
morning.  Any comments or questions?

Lavar:  I am blessed to be able to have these conversations with
you.  No further questions today.  I shall call on you tomorrow.



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