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#1 2009-10-29 17:46:55

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Communication with Sanada-Jesua, 10/28/09

Dear Sananda, it is my pleasure to call on you this morning and
receive your message for me and my friends.

Sananda:  I am pleased to greet you and I do have a message for
you and your friends.  There will very soon be the long-delayed
fly-overs of the shuttles from the many starships that are
positioned around your world.  There will, finally, be the
realization that humans are not the only intelligent life forms
in this universe.  You will soon know that there are many other
life forms and that they come in peace in their magnificent
starships to help welcome each and its inhabitants into the

There is much good that will come from the coming of these aliens
to earth.  Although many of them are similar in bodies to
earthlings, there are many who are distinctly different and yet
are intelligent beings.  Their purpose in coming to earth is to
welcome earth into the galaxy of friendly worlds.  It is
important to all earth begins to know that they are not alone in
the universe.  Our presence in your skies has long been known by
your government larders and has been kept from the knowledge of
your people.  Many other nations have followed America's
determination not to admit the existence of these aliens who have
come, in peace, to visit earth and to help in many ways.  One of
the more important tasks that will be helped by these starships
is to reduce the atmospheric pollution of Mother Earth.  That is
my message for you and your friends this morning.  Do you have
any questions or comments?

Hal:  Thank you dear Sananda.  I shall welcome your coming and I
look forward to getting our laboratory back in operation and
having the help of two of your crew.  I shall be with you



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