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#1 2009-10-12 16:27:44

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Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn 10/12/09

Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn.
Welcoming Helena.   I am ready for your message this morning.

Helena:  Good morning.  I do have a message for you and to share
with your friends.  First, you will soon have the release of the
funds that you have been promised for many months.  Then you will
be able to get back into full operation in your laboratory before
you get any older.

There is a great new development in your country's political
arena that will soon become apparent.  It appears, according to
my sources of information, that there will be a return to the
proper, new dollar that is buttressed by precious metals.  That
will make a great difference int he world's acceptance of your
country's currency.  The Federal Reserve Bank notes, will become
useless and must be exchanged for the new dollar currency.

There is much good that will come from your country's final
release of the new currency.  You will be pleased at the much
greater respect that will be given to your country and its
currency.  There is a great need for the U.S. to have its
currency back in proper circulation and in proper acceptance by
monetary experts around the world.  That is my message for you
this morning.  Any questions or comments?

Lavar:  Thank you dear Helena.  I am blessed to be able to
communicate with you.  No questions today.



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