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#1 2009-10-12 16:25:55

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Communication with the Council Of Scientists, 10/12/09

Welcoming the Council of Scientists. 

COS:  Good morning Hal.  We are pleased to greet you on this
holiday morning.  We shall soon be with you in your new
laboratory.  At least, our contacts are telling us that you will
soon be funded and back in operation in your laboratory.  Then it
will be our pleasure to observe the new-energy technology that
you will be developing. 

There is much good that can come from the replacement of the
burning of fossil fuels with tapping into the vast energy of
space.  We shall be pleased to witness this much needed
technological development.  There will be a great commercial need
for such technology.  We sense that you have a question.

Hal:  Yes.  How do you know about this new technology and the
need for it?

COS:  We are well experienced, during our life times, in the use
of energy.  Some of us are energy experts.  We know of the great
amount of pollution that is produced by the means by which energy
is now developed for wide spread use all over the world. 

Hal:  Thank you dear friends.  I am pleased to be able to
communicate with you.  I shall be very pleased to get back to
work in our laboratory and I hope and pray that there are no
further delays in getting the funds released.  I shall call on
you tomorrow.



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