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#1 2009-07-20 15:02:25

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Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn 07/20/09

Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn.
Welcoming Helena. I am a bit early.  I am ready when you are.

Helena:  Good morning.  I am available.  Thank you for being
prompt.  There is a great deal of good work that this starship
can do, and is expected to do.  However, first we must be allowed
to come-and-go in your atmosphere and to land at places that are
convenient for us and that will not interfere with any of your
operations.  We have great new technology to bring to your
country, in fact to bring to North America.  Your government has
a strange idea that all space ships are enemies to your nation.
We must be able to convince your government that we are friendly
and that we have important contributions to make to better your
country and, in fact, with the help of others, to better the

I am pleased that you are able to receive and share our messages.
We have been many months above your earth and your government
leaders are fully aware of our presence.  We are doing all we can
to get the message to your government leaders that we come in
peace and that we are friendly.  We believe that we have made
some contact with some of your government officials and that
there will soon be changes that will allow us to come-and-go in
your atmosphere without being chased by your Air Force fighters.

Lavar:  I shall be very pleased to witness your coming,
especially to have one or two of your crew come and help us in
our laboratory.  Of course, first we have to get our laboratory
up and running.  We are being told that we will soon have the
funds with which to purchase our laboratory.  Is that information
consistent with information that you are receiving about funds
becoming available?

Helena:  Yes.  We have been assured that the funds are in place
and will soon be released.  Then both of us can become more
active in doing that which we can do to help reduce atmospheric
pollution.  That is our major assignment.  As I have previously
stated, we can help in other ways where we are asked to do so. 

Lavar:  Thank you dear Helena.  I shall be very pleased to have
our laboratory back in operation and be helped by two of your
crew.  I shall call on you tomorrow for any further information.
Thanks for your help.



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