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#1 2009-07-16 17:35:40

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Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn 07/16/09

Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn.
Welcoming Helena.   I am ready for your message.

Helena:  Good morning.  I am pleased to greet you this morning.
You are soon to be funded.  However, the first funds that we
expect that you will receive will be from a few of those
investors who are FINALLY receiving the returns on their
investments made many months ago.  Our sources tell us that the
bank documents will finally be delivered to the hundreds of
recipients this week.  As you have been told, a few of those who
are receiving the significant returns on their investments made
in the late 1990s will be investing in your company.  We are
pleased with that information and I know that you will be also.

Much of what you will be able to accomplish does require that you
have funds for your laboratory and the additional employees that
you will need to complete the commercialization of the new-energy
technology that you have been provided to develop.  However, as
you have been told, we shall have a couple of our crew come and
work with you in your laboratory.  So prepare yourself and your
laboratory for our help.

Lavar:  I shall be very pleased to welcome the help of two of
your crew.

Helena:  There will be much good that you will be able to
accomplish, especially with the help that we can give to your
operation.  We are very interested in having this new-energy
technology developed and made commercially available so that
there can be some gradual but dramatic reduction in the current
outpouring of the exhausts from the burning of fossil fuels,
especially in millions of automobiles and trucks. 

Lavar:  I shall be very pleased to be able to help and,
especially, to have the help of two of your crew.  The sooner the
better.  No further questions from me.  I shall call on you

Helena:  Thank you.  I shall be available when you call on me, at
the usual time.



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