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#1 2009-07-08 17:16:16

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Communication with the Council Of Scientists, 07/08/09

Welcoming the Council of Scientists. 

COS:  Good morning Hal.  We are pleased to greet you this
morning.  Today may be the long-awaited day for the announcement
of some dramatic changes in your government.  However, there are
very strong forces within your government who do not desire to
have the changes made that will come with the NESARA program.

There is not much that you can do to help usher in this dramatic
governmental changes - the restoration of proper government as it
was in the 1930s.  There are not many who are even aware of these
coming changes.  Those in control of your government do not want
these changes to be made.  We are unsure just how soon there will
be a return to constitutional government.  However, we will be
pleased to have the NESARA program announced.

A new topic:  There is a great deal of confusion among those who
either desire or do not desire to have the NESARA program
instituted.  However, as you would suspect, most of the citizens
of this great country are not aware of the NESARA program  Of
course, that is to be expected as this program has been
officially denied or not announced for several years now.  When
the time comes that this change in government can be announced or
made effective, either in whole or in part, there may not be much
of an announcement.  We would not be surprised to have the
changes made with little or no fanfare.  That is our message for
you this morning.  Do you have any questions or comments?

Hal:  I have just looked over various reports about NESARA by
entering "NESARA PROGRAM" on the Goggle information source.  What
I got was a lot of hogwash with perhaps a very few references
that seemed to be valid.  I shall be pleased when this program is
officially instituted or announced.  Perhaps it will be made
effective without an announcement.  Is that possible?

COS:  We believe that it is entirely possible for the changes in
government to be made effective without an official declaration
or announcement.

Hal;  Thank you dear COS friends.  I shall call on you tomorrow.



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