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#1 2009-06-16 18:13:03

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Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn 06/16/09

Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn.
Welcoming Helena.

Helena:  Good morning.  Your daily communication with me is
appreciated.  We hope that there will soon be some changes to
your government that will remove the orders to your Air Force to
try to shoot down any UFOs.  Then we will be able to come-and-go
at our pleasure.  As you know, we have nothing but good thoughts
for our visits to your country.  We desire to help you,
especially in cleaning up Mother Earth's atmosphere.  We can help
you to reduce the levels of atmospheric pollution.  As you know,
the majority of the pollution comes from the burning of fossil
fuels in thousands of automobiles and trucks.  You are well aware
of the need for there to be electrical-powered vehicles so that
there is a reduction in the outpouring of pollution into the
atmosphere.  The level of pollution is now far greater than the
millions of trees, etc. can handle so that there is now becoming
atmospheric pollution to the extent that some of your countrymen,
especially in the more crowded cities, are having health problems
due to the high level of atmospheric pollution. 

We shall be pleased when we are allowed to come and work with
you, and others, to help develop less-polluting vehicles and
trucks.  Your work with the development of electrical vehicles,
powered by tapping into the vast energy of space is, as you are
well aware, one of the answers to the problems of atmospheric
pollution.  However, it will take a great deal of money and
efforts to build up the production and sales of electric
vehicles.  We shall be pleased to do what we can to help.
However, we must be allowed to come-and-go without being shoot at
by your Air Force.  Please do what you can to help in this
regard.  However, we have been assured by our Washington contact
that there will be legislation soon now that will provide
benefits for the manufacture and marketing of electrical vehicles
or any other non-polluting methods of transportation.  That is my
message for you this morning.  Do you have any questions or

Lavar:  Thank you dear friend.  I shall do my best to help.  I
understand that the long-delayed funds will soon be made
available to our company, then I shall be able to get back into
full operation in our laboratory and develop the technology for
providing power without pollution.



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