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#1 2009-05-29 18:12:04

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Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn 05/29/09

Communication with Helena, Commander of Starship Capricorn.
Welcoming Helena.  I am ready when you are, dear friend.
I missed you yesterday as I was in the hospital for a few hours.

Helena:  Good morning.  Thanks for being on time.  I am pleased
that there are considerable events that are soon to happen in
your country that are expected to lead to further freedom.  One
of the most important tasks is the coming return to
constitutional government as it was in the 1930s.  That will come
as a big surprise to many of your citizens.  Of course, many of
them are not as old as you are and remember nothing about the
1930s.  One thing you can ensure them:  there will be fewer
government agencies.  Of course, some of these agencies have been
of value and may probably be retained or restored.  However, the
current government is heavily involved in unconstitutional
topics.  That will likely change with the elimination of those
agencies.  One thing we are assured of, there will be a reduction
in government expenditures, unless your nation manages to get
involved in another war.  We, and some other starships, will do
our best to maintain peace in the world.  It is necessary that we
have a peaceful world to be able to fulfill our assignment and
move this world into its next phase of existence, which will
require peace.

Of course, there are may smaller nations that are almost
destitute and have not sufficient food to feed their populations.
The huge food-producing capacity of the U.S. can help in that
regards.  As you know, you have a church that has been
cultivating farmland and growing and harvesting food that can be
distributed to the needy in the world.  There are other groups
who are involved in helping to train other countrymen to be able
to grow and harvest sufficient food for their own use, at least
enough to prevent starvation.  That is my message for you this
morning.  Any questions or comment?

Lavar:  Thank you dear Helena.  I shall be pleased to do what I
can to help others in need.   We grow most of the vegetables and
fruit that we use in our home.  It is not difficult to harvest
crops from your own garden.  It does take a bit of preparation
for some soils to get them in condition for good growing.  I
shall be with you Monday.



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