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#1 2009-05-29 18:10:23

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Communication with the Council Of Scientists, 05/29/09

Welcoming the Council of Scientists.

COS:  Good morning Hal. 
We are pleased to greet you this morning.  There are important
events that are soon to transpire in your country.  You will want
to ensure that you have some additional food and water available
for there will be some parts of the country, so we are told, that
may be without electricity or means of transportation for a short

Back to the current events.  The present administration is doing
a great deal to spend billions of dollars of funds that have not
been collected in taxes.  In other words, the present
administration is going to take this country into much deeper
debt.  That is not good.  Families and governments should live
within their means unless it is a time of war and one must
protect ones's country.  However, there are days when, very
hopefully, many nations will be seeking for means of peace and
not war.  The United States should become a leader in ushering in
peace in the world.  Of course it is hard to leave a country that
is being invaded by another group and expect peace to occur.
However, such peaceful efforts should be tried.  Perhaps it would
be useful to greatly help any peaceful nation and stop all aid to
governments that insisted on war.  That is my message for you
this morning.  Any questions or comments?

Hal:  Thank you dear COS friends.  I full agree with you that we
all should do the best we can to ensure that there is peace in
the world.



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