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#1 2009-05-14 18:21:09

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Communication with the Council Of Scientists, 05/14/09

Welcoming the Council of Scientists. 

COS:  Good morning Hal.  We are pleased to greet you this
morning.  There are some important concepts that are being
considered by your government at the highest levels.  There
appears to be the recognition that what legislation is currently
being supported or encouraged is not what is needed to prolong
the current fiscal benefits that should redound to most citizens

There is the need for much of the funds that are being made
available to government agencies to be properly used to promote
the types of government changes that have been legislated.  There
is much that must be done if these United States are to prevent a
huge reduction in prosperity.  There needs to be less government
waste.  Government spending for selected topics that will
increase the overall prosperity of America is very important.
The current administration needs to ensure that there are further
studies to ensure the best use of any surplus funds.  There must
be a reduction in the overall government expenditures.  That fact
seems to be completely ignored by the present government.  That
is our message for you this morning.  Any questions or comments?

Hal:  Thank you dear COS friends.  I am aware of problems with
our current government's handling of the economy.  My
understanding is that there will soon be a dramatic change in our
government because the president will be declared as inelliegable
for the office of president because he was not born in the United

COS:  We are not sure just how that fact will be handled.  These
are interesting times and there may be some dramatic changes.
For example, there is expected to be a return to constitutional
government that we haven't had since the 1930s.

Hal;  Thank you COS friends.



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